After 13 months of SEO...

We spent 13 months optimizing the Neal Psychological Specialties (NPS) website. We created new content. We optimized existing pages. We overhauled their user experience. And their online presence was ordered. After just 13 months, this is what they saw...

3:1 ROI

For every dollar spent on SEO, NPS makes $3 back.

95% Site Health

The top 10% of websites on the internet have a health score of 92%. The NPS site sits comfortably at 95%.

+100% Traffic

Organic traffic to the NPS site from search engines has more than doubled.

15x Keywords

Google ranking for relevant (non-branded) keywords has increased from 94 to 1,494.

+47% Backlinks

More quality websites are linking to the NPS site (and we didn’t ask them to!).

The NPS success story is not unique.

It is the result of an intentional, data-driven, ongoing strategy, combined with their commitment to investing in the long-term success of their online presence.

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